Boudoir FAQ


What exactly is a Boudoir shoot? 

While some may know the term "boudoir" to be a derivative of the French word "boudeur", meaning sulky, more people will relate to the word boudoir as a lady's private bedroom or dressing room… We strive to capture the sensuality and mystique of the boudoir vibe while maintaining our clients dignity, privacy and above all else, respecting their boundaries. Our clients are the number one priority to us, so if getting completely naked is NOT on your priority list, this is a non-issue for us. Being naked is absolutely not synonymous with the word "boudoir". 


How long will it take for my images to be ready after my shoot?

Your images will be ready within 2 weeks after your shoot.  Sorting and editing is a lengthy process.  Sessions will be edited in the order they are booked (first person to secure their date with deposit is the first session to be edited).


How long will my gallery be online?

Your gallery will remain online for 90 days. 


Can you retouch my images and is it included in your prices?

Retouching is included in all packages we offer.  We believe in keeping the image as natural as possible with minimal “photo shopping”.  If you are worried about the level of retouching or lack of retouching just talk with us at your session and we will make sure your photos meet all your expectations. 


Do I get to pick which images I want for my package?

Yes you will.  Usually within a couple days of your shoot, Scott and I will sort through all the images taken at your session.  We delete on the spot any image that is unfocused, or you blinked, or there was some technical reason like the flashes misfired.  We then make another pass sorting out the best from each pose (we may take 7-10 images that are essentially the same picture; we will pick the best of those).  We then do our basic editing on what is left.  A typical 2 hour session will yield anywhere from 40-50 images that you will be presented to make your selections from. 


I would like more than digital images can you help with that?

We offer just about anything you can think of from classic wall prints to photo books to beautiful canvases.  Keep in mind that calendars also make great gifts.  Just let us know of any products you are interested in and we will provide you with pricing.


How many people actually give these photos as a gift?

We often ask this very question. It honestly seems to be about 50/50, with a lot of ladies answering 'both.' I'm willing to bet that even if they are giving them to their significant others, they're also making copies and creating a 'totally hot' photo album and secretly stashing it under their mattresses, just to look at every now and then!


Who will be present while I am having my photos taken?  Can I bring a friend? 

There will be my husband Scott, taking the photos, and myself, Sherry, as YOUR assistant. If you would prefer a friend or family member to be present while you are being photographed, please make sure they will not create a distraction to you.  We honestly feel that boudoir photography is best without spectators. We have found that when other people are present at the session you may not be able to fully relax.  The results are always far better when the client has been on their own, relaxed and giving their full concentration to the posing and situation. 


How much do I have to bear? Can I have erotic photography if I wish?

You can bear as little or as much as you wish.