Boudoir Hair & Makeup


How should I arrive if Hair and Makeup is included in my package? 

If you are having your hair and makeup done at the studio please arrive with a clean face and dry hair. 


How should I arrive if Hair and Makeup is NOT included in my package?

If your package does not include hair and makeup please arrive ready for your shoot with hair and makeup completed.  We can advise you on different styles, however, you know what makes you look your best.  Generally, having your hair down with some curls is always good, but you may also want to bring a clip so you have the option of wearing it up in a few shots.  As for makeup, just treat your shoot like a Friday night on the town. You will want to apply your makeup just a little heavier so the camera picks it up.  Please stay away from anything with glitter, or makeup that will leave a shine on your skin. 

Please bring along items to touch up both hair and makeup throughout the shoot so you are always looking fresh. 


What about my Nails? 

Be sure your nails are painted (toes and fingers). Your hands and feet will be in the photos too! Solid colors or a simple French manicure works best.


How much of my session is devoted to Makeup and Styling? 

If hair and makeup is included, we generally allow for around 45 minutes to do a complete Makeup and hair styling. Sometimes it takes a little longer, sometimes a little less.  During this time, I will be going over your wardrobe choices so Scott can get the “Sets” planned.  If you booked a 3 hour session you will typically spend the first 45 minutes getting dolled up, followed by a little over 2 hours of shooting. 


I would like to use the Hair & Makeup artist for my shoot but I am worried that I won’t look like me.

Boudoir makeovers and styling can be as natural or glamorous as you wish.  Our aim is not to hide what is underneath but to prepare you for the camera, and highlight your best features and bring out your confidence.  That is what makes brilliant photos. 

Styling is always done to a level you are happy with.  Some people worry about not looking like themselves or being too made up, but there is no standard application when it comes to styling, it can be as natural and fresh, or as sexy and smoldering as you wish. 

One thing all clients should realize is that being styled for a boudoir photo shoot and actually having one is not an everyday experience and therefore the results won’t be your usual everyday life.  95% of women will have never seen themselves styled, posing in beautiful lingerie on luxurious furniture, so you have to be prepared to see yourself in a different light. 

Another unique service is we will photo document the entire styling process.  This allows you to showcase the entire transformation not just the finished product.