Boudoir Prep & Packing


I am very shy and worried about my body shape and that I won’t look good in the photos.

People come in all different shapes and sizes, tall, short, large and small.  Having confidence and believing in yourself is what brings out your beauty and makes fantastic pictures.

Your boudoir session is all about having fun, getting glammed up, dressed up and letting your hair down and forgetting about the little insecurities.  Treating yourself to new lingerie and beauty treatments before the session is a definite excitement and confidence builder.


How much "grooming" should I do for the photo shoot?

Unless you prefer the au naturale look, we recommend shaving or waxing any area that will not be covered in your photo session.  If you have sensitive skin, do this at least a few hours before the shoot to avoid razor burn or skin rash. Skin rash can be unsightly and uncomfortable. We want our clients to feel as beautiful, sexy and unconquerable as possible!  Women who feel sexy, will behave sexier. It's science. Of course, anything that comes out looking 'unsightly' to our clients, once they see their photos, can be Photoshopped, if necessary". 


What should I wear while traveling to my session?

Do not wear any clothes with elastic that are tight fitting (including bra and panties) to your boudoir session.  The elastic will leave marks on your skin that can take an hour or more to fade.  The same is true for anything else like a wristwatch, socks/shoes or a bracelet.  Our basic editing will not cover up marks from tight clothing.  The best clothing to wear to your boudoir session is either drawstring or yoga pants and a loose shirt, or a slip on dress. 


Should I bring any Jewelry?

Jewelry and accessories are like icing on the cake, don’t forget that favorite fancy bracelet, some pretty earrings, or anything personal you would like to add.  Pearls are always a classy look. Perhaps you have a masquerade mask or a tiara you want to use, feel free to bring it along.


What should I pack to wear at my shoot?

One of the questions we get the MOST in our boudoir consultations is “What do I wear”?  While every woman is different and we give different recommendations for everyone, we thought it might be a good idea to provide a little baseline on what we love to shoot the most.  Ranked from #10 to our most favorite at #1. 


Before we get into it, keep these things in mind: 

  • Your shoot is about YOU, make sure whatever you wear is something you love. 

  • Size Matters!  If you’re looking for something with cups, make sure you know your size for the brand you’re wearing. Hint: The size you wear for your photos may not be the size you wear every day. 

  • Let your outfit highlight your best assets. 

Also remember we have shot it all before, so just be up front with us when it comes to how revealing you want your photos to be.  We are all about having a good time and keeping it light, so just come and have fun! 

Ok onto the list of recommendations


#10 A sexy little dress 

Boudoir does not have to be all about lingerie.  We are happy to shoot you in a killer cocktail dress or something similar.  We shoot each session on many different “sets”.  Consider dedicating one of them to an outfit that you would not mind your mom (or grandma) seeing you in.  It can still be super sexy.  But consider that gorgeous canvas or framed print you’re wanting for your walls.  If you have kids or frequently visiting in laws, we understand that some of you prefer to keep it conservative, and tossing in a sexy dress is a great way to do that.  You can always put your more risqué wall prints in your walk in closet, or master bathroom, or someplace else that gets less foot traffic. 


#9 Something of His (or Hers, you will find no judgment from us) 

Most women think of the standard dress shirt and tie, which is great, however, this might just remind him of his 9 to 5 every time he looks at the photo.  Along with that shirt and tie, bring along his favorite rock band t-shirt, or a jersey from his favorite sports team, you know something he dreams about seeing you in on Saturday mornings.


#8 Weekend Wear 

This goes hand-in-hand with his favorite team’s jersey, but makes it more about you!  Got a great burnout t-shirt and boy shorts, that’s perfect.  Boudoir isn’t always about the frills and lace.  Find something that you are totally comfortable in and look super cute in, and you’ve got the makings of a great set. 


Tank tops, oversized t-shirts/sweaters, short shorts, hot jeans, just a robe?  All great outfits for a boudoir shoot.  Remember, it’s all about YOU. 


#7 Corsets 

Corsets are great for boudoir photos.  They’re fun, they’re elegant, they’re sexy and they look awesome.  However there are some things to consider before making a beeline to the corset rack at Frederick’s and skipping over everything else. 


Corsets are not comfortable, if they are laced up right, they are hard to breathe in, hard to move in, and hard to look happy in.  That can translate into difficulty in posing and expression.  HOWEVER sometimes it’s just worth it. 


If you subscribe to the “Pain is Beauty” philosophy, then rock that corset and 6 inch heels and let’s make some magic.  BUT, please do NOT show up with your corset under your clothes, those lines will not go away. 


#6 Baby Dolls 

Soft, Sexy, Cute and forgiving, baby dolls are fantastic.  They give you support where you need it and coverage where you want it.  If you are self conscious about your mid-section (much like most women), a baby doll may be a great choice for you.  They come in all varieties of sheer and solid so that you have total control over how much you are showing off. 


#5 Garters and Thigh-High stockings 

Stockings and or fishnets are not for everyone so don’t feel like you must wear them if you don’t like them.  If you do decide to spice up your photos, make sure the tops of the stockings do not squeeze your thighs too tight.  If this happens you can also get stockings without the lace/elastic at the top and cinch them with a garter.  Garters look AMAZING in boudoir photographs and we highly recommend them. 


#4 Bustier 

The bustier is the step-sister to the corset.  Still not necessarily the most comfortable thing in the world, but it solves one problem that corsets can’t.  It has cups.  Where a corset may flatten your chest from sheer compression, a bustier will provide support with an underwire and formed cups. 


Looking for something a little more risqué?  Bustiers also come cupless!  They’ll still have the underwire to give that little bit of support, while cinching in the waist and letting you show off the rest. 


All-in-all, bustiers can be your best friend – coverage throughout the midsection, a little more comfortable than a corset, and support where you want it.  We don’t recommend them for every set, but if you want some really sexy lingerie, don’t overlook bustiers. 


#3 High Heels 

This one may seem like a no brainer, but let me clarify just a little.  Heels are good, HIGH heels are AMAZING.  If you want to make that booty pop (and you know you do, and if you don’t he does!), nothing will do that better than a great pair of high heels.  There are several great places to get a hot pair of heels, so don’t necessarily get hung up on where you typically shoe shop.  If you want shoes that scream “DAAAAAMN!” then be sure to look in places you may not otherwise shop. 


We do frequently recommend just going barefoot, so we highly recommend that you prepare for that possibility by making sure your toes are neatly trimmed and polished and ready for the camera. 


#2 Bra and Panties 

This is such a simple answer it is often overlooked.  You can go totally casual with it and be the next Aerie Poster-girl or you can wear that sexy new bra and panty set you picked up at Victoria’s Secret to wear under the dress you’re wearing to that party next weekend. 


Make sure the bra is a perfect fit, and the panties are comfortable.  Your bra may be a size smaller then you are used to and your panties may be a size bigger.  Lace top panties are great too, because they won’t “cut in”, so to speak.  Panties with a rouged butt are also definite winners.  Thongs are great as long as they fit right. 


If you are really self-conscious about your mid-section and don’t think you will look good in just a bra and panty set, that’s totally ok.  We still suggest you pack a set, and maybe wear it under a robe or chemise; there are a lot of posing options that will look amazing while hiding your insecure areas.  You would be amazed at how much more confident you are in your entire body after getting started with your shoot. 


#1 Nothing 

Who says we are not budget conscious!  Even if you do not want to show it all in your photos, having a set (or two or three) where you are only covering yourself with a sheet, prop or creative pose can really spice up your album.  We are really good at creating poses and coverage options that highlight your favorite features without using wardrobe. 


We do shoot nudes as well, but we do so tastefully (think Playboy).  If you are proud of your body, and/or have worked hard to get it, artistic nudes are a great way to remember it.  We hear it time and time again when showing final images to clients “I never thought I could look that amazing”.