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Upcoming Special Sessions and Adventures


Redwoods Adventure - 1 spots available 2 already booked

  • Dates:  September 14-17th 2018
  • Shoot Location:  Redwoods National Forest
  • Shooting Themes:  Fairies, Nymps, Elves, Mother Nature & Starwars
  • Price:  $500

Bikinis and Lace Photography is going back on the road for another epic adventure! Come join us on this location photo shoot in the land of the giants, the Redwood National Forest, where we will create a magical world of Fairies, Forest Nymps, Elves, Mother Nature and even have some Star Wars fun! Picture furry bikinis with the fuzzy ears of the adorable Ewoks from the Forest on Endor, and of course a few storm trooper shots too, since so much of the movies were filmed in the Redwoods. If you haven't treated yourself to a girls weekend vacation with us before, then you need to jump on board with this one, it will be a rebel style blast(er)!

This will be a short 4 day road trip from September 14th through the 17th, 2018. Friday and Monday will be travel days with approximately 8-9 hours of drive time, and Saturday and Sunday will be shooting days. Since this will be a short weekend adventure, and we plan on driving our own vehicle in order to keep the cost low enough for everyone, we will only have room to take along 3 models and 1 MUA, the extremely talented Sara. Having a professional makeup artist on this trip will be a necessity to create the images we have in mind, and we are super excited to step up our game and be able to offer this incredible service to our models! Please feel free to check out her work on Instagram @mua.sarak

As always, we try to budget these adventures as low as possible, so we have booked a 2 Bedroom Suite at the Best Western Plus in Eureka California that has 3 queen beds....yes ladies that means you will be sharing with a buddy. BUT in addition to nice comfy beds in a beautiful hotel, we will have the luxury of FREE breakfast in the mornings, a wonderful indoor pool and hot tub to use during down time, plus lot's of nearby food choices to keep everyone happy for lunch and dinner. And ladies, this comes straight from the photographers mouth, "since we are shooting in the forest there is no need for early morning sunrise shoot times". What!! No up before dawn mornings, setting up in the cold, waiting for the sun! No alarm clocks!! That's right girls, this one will be a much more relaxed and easy going schedule than some of our previous photo shoot adventures which required 3am wake up calls.  We will be about a half hour to 45 minutes from our shoot locations with estimated departure times from the hotel in the 8am area.

The cost of this trip to you will cover all expenses for fuel, lodging, wardrobe, snacks & drinks, and the talents of our MUA, who will give you all the ability to come away with truly epic magical shots! The only other expense you will have is for your own food besides the free breakfast, whether we do grocery store stops, fast food stops, or sit down meals, your own food is your responsibility. Keep in mind that I will be packing waters and drinks and snacks in a cooler for everyone to have during drive time, and on location as well, and I always over do it on the food packing, so there will be plenty to share. The only difference this time is we will not be covering the expense of 3 meals for 4 days for all 6 of us. Being able to eliminate the expense of a rental vehicle, and providing meals for everyone, has helped us keep this modeling vacation adventure down to a low price of just $500 each!  A non refundable  deposit of $150 will book your spot and hold our reservations, with the balance due 30 days prior to departure, and we are happy to work out a payment schedule if you like. Come join us for an epic adventure in the forest!!

A few photos from our trip thru almost 3 years ago.



Past Special Sessions and Adventures


Exclusive VIP Boudoir Experience

  • Dates:  January 5th - 7th
  • Shoot Location:  Private Residence in Downtown
  • Shooting Themes:  Upscale Boudoir
  • Price:  2hr-$200, 3hr-$275, 4hr-$325

During this extremely hectic season, wouldn't it be nice to pamper yourself with a day of beauty and fun, all while creating the perfect personalized gift for the one you love.  We have the perfect opportunity for you to treat your Valentine to their favorite thing....YOU!  Come and join us for a pampered boudoir photo shoot, in a luxurious private residence overlooking Downtown Portland.  We will be scheduling this event January 5th thru the 7th with Delivery of your photos by Valentine's Day in a Little Black Book, just for the two of you.  Your photos from this session will be kept completely private, never to be shared or shown to anyone other than you.

Better yet come as a couple and create a memory that will last the ages.  Couples boudoir shoots are such a fun way to express your love.

We will have champagne and hors d'oeuvres for you upon arrival, and your choice of music upon request.  A private home offers so many sets to choose from, everything from the classic bed poses, to couches, arm chairs, floor to ceiling windows with downtown in the background.  A modern kitchen for a bit of a flirty pinup look.  Hardwood floors and so much more.

We can assist you with your wardrobe selections when you arrive. Our suggestion is to bring several choices of outfits that make you feel and look good, and a couple different options for shoes (usually heels and boots work best). My motto is you can never over pack for a photo shoot, options are essential to us women, and I encourage you to bring choices. We also like to recommend thinking outside the box (See our top 10 list of wardrobe HERE)

For a minimal extra expense, a hair and makeup artist can be available to help you look your most gorgeous!

Session rates include unlimited wardrobe changes.  You can expect approximately 6 fully edited images per hour.


Palm Springs Pool Party - Cancelled due to lack of interest

  • Dates:  March 8th - 11th
  • Accommodations:  Luxurious House with Pool
  • Shoot Locations:  House, Pool, Desert
  • Shooting Themes:  Swimwear and Fashion
  • Price:  $700 Plus Airfare (accepting payment plans, contact us for details)

Don't pack away your summer wardrobe too deep in the closet. We have the perfect solution to the winter time all remember those days right??? That 8 to 9 months of the year where Portland is grey and gloomy and raining, and June seems so far away, no vacation time to take....just work and rain, everyday. Well how about this year you plan yourself a little weekend getaway, to get through the long wait for summer. Join us for a mid-winter pool party in Palm Springs!!  We are renting a sweet house in this beautiful Californian desert oasis, complete with a private pool and palm trees. 

We plan to do some fun photo shoots using the luxurious house, swimming pool and patio area that we will be staying at. We will also take you on a little road trip adventure for a location shoot to a windmill farm, and some gorgeous cracked desert roads.  We are still early in the planning stages, so other locations may be added as we do more research into the area.  However, unlike the majority of our Road Trip Photo Shoots in the past, we want this one to be a bit more low key and relaxing.  Think pool party vibe in a tropical retreat. It will be an extremely fun girls weekend, getting to play dress up and party with other models, in a high end resort town, with some much needed sunshine!!  Dinners will be prepared and served at home, and we also will enjoy a pajama party movie night (this might turn into a short photo op before the movie starts).  What better way to kill those winter time blues than an exotic desert getaway.

We will travel into Palm Springs Airport (PSP) the evening of Thursday March 8th and back to PDX on  Sunday March 11th.  It’s a short trip! However, its perfect for those who are only looking to use one vacation day, but still have an epic weekend to talk about on Monday when you return to work or school.  You will be responsible for booking and paying for your own flights or other transportation to and from, but once you’re on the ground we've got everything else taken care of. Of course we are happy to help you with finding and choosing the right flights for you.

A few of the rooms will have queen or king beds and sleep two people, we just wanted to give you a heads up that you might be bunking with another model. This also means it's the perfect shoot to bring along a friend to share a room with, maybe another model you've worked with or someone just interested in doing some modeling.  We are even offering a special discount for double bookings.   

We are opening this trip up to 6 models for only $700 each. If you book with a friend, we will give you BOTH $100 off your booking, that's only $600 a piece for a 3 night stay in Palm Springs!!

Sounds like a lot of fun right? contact us via any of our social media accounts or drop us a message HERE



Naughty Santa Christmas Shoot

  • Dates:  November 11th & 12th
  • Shoot Location:  Our Studio
  • Shooting Themes:  Sexy Christmas
  • Price:  $90 for a 1 Hour Session with a Little Black Book of Photos

Having trouble finding the right Christmas Present for your significant other?? Looking for something more personal this year, something that says "I Love You" like nothing from a store ever could? We have the perfect solution for this annual dilemma, give him a personalized photo book of YOU to cherish forever. Come and join us at our studio for a winter wonderland sexy Santa shoot. We will have a real Santa (or maybe not the real Santa, but a very cute female Santa) to pose with in a fully decorated set, with lots of Christmas props and fun wardrobe selections to choose from. It will be a really fun way to get the holiday's started!  If you prefer to not shoot with Ms. Santa that's defiantly ok as well.

We will open our wonderland up the weekend of November 11th and 12th with one hour sessions for $90, and will include a hardbound book ready to be wrapped and put under the tree, delivered in plenty of time for Christmas.  Our shooting style is clean but sexy,  while trying to enhance your natural beauty to the fullest potential.  In addition to what we have available in our studio for Christmas attire, please bring along anything else you would like to use or wear, along with some shoe choices (usually heels and boots work best). My motto is you can never over pack for a photo shoot, options are essential to us women, and I encourage you to bring choices. Although with this theme, we think less is more, sometimes just your favorite decoration held in just the right spot is all the wardrobe you need.

For a minimal extra expense, a hair and makeup artist can be available to help you look your most gorgeous! 


October 2017 Kauai Hawaii Shoot - SOLD OUT

  • Dates:  Travel to Kauai by Oct. 25th, Shooting Oct. 26th thru Oct. 29th, Travel home (or to hotel) Oct. 30th
  • Accommodations:  Private Home in Lihue
  • Shoot Locations:  Beaches, Waterfalls, Waimea Canyon
  • Shooting Themes:  Swimwear and Fashion
  • Price:  $900 Plus Airfare (accepting payment plans, contact us for details)

Kauai is a magical place, nicknamed the Garden Island and it is just that.  No buildings taller then a palm tree and you can drive from one end of the road to the other in about 4 hours time.  We will be staying in Lihue at Sherrys brothers house (he has a guest wing) in Lihue which puts us about 2 hours from either end of the main road.  He will be our guide as we shoot at gorgeous beaches, magical waterfalls and the majestic Waimea Canyon (the grand canyon of the pacific).

This is the perfect chance to get your swim wear portfolio updated or started for the 2018 season, or a great way to end the 2017 swimwear season.  Better yet its a great reason to enjoy a week in 80 degree Hawaii.  The fee covers everything but airfare, we will take care of all the driving, food, and lodging.  If you need help figuring out flights we are more then happy to help with that.  Alaska Air has great companion fares if you have their Credit Card or use air miles for free airfare.  We have used most airlines that service the island over the years and can help you find the best deals.

Specific dates are not yet set in stone and are flexible to fit the schedules of those interested.  So if this sounds like a fun time to you, shoot us an email and we can chat more about this trip.  Space is limited to 2 models and 1 additional photographer. 



2017 Summer Destination Shoot in Eastern Oregon: - SOLD OUT

  • Dates:  Thursday Sept. 8th - 10th
  • Accommodations:  Central Oregon Vacation home with hot tub
  • Shoot Locations:  Crack in the Ground, Inland Sand Dunes, Transmission Array, Fort Rock and Several others.
  • Shooting Themes:  Madmax/Post Apocalyptic, Evening Gowns/Fashion, Bridal & Boudoir for those interested.
  • Price:  $300 (Models) - $500 (Photographers)

Our summer 2017 trip will be an upgrade from 2016 where we camped in tents out on the desert in freezing temperatures. We will now have a nice warm house with a hot tub to return to each evening. We will still travel as a group in a 15 passenger van, which makes for a really fun road trip vibe. We will provide the majority of the wardrobe along with food and beverages. We have extended the trip this year to allow for 3 full days of shooting at multiple locations within driving distance from our vacation house.

Space is extremely limited, we will be extending invites to models we have previously worked with, so should you be interested please do not hesitate to contact us and book your free test shoot. In order to keep expenses as low as possible for everyone involved we will be inviting 6 models to join us on this amazing adventure.

Each model will be asked to invest $300 in order to secure your spot ($150 Non Refundable Deposit at time of booking, with the remaining $150 due by 4/2/2017). This investment includes your travel, lodging, food and the majority of your wardrobe. Our 2016 trip included 8 hours of shooting at 2 locations with 4 models resulting in over 150 images each, just think what 3 full days will result in.

Join us on an adventure to EPIC locations, with AMAZING wardrobe creating ONE OF A KIND images for your portfolio.

Images from our Summer 2016 Trip (click on the thumbnail for large image)


Pampered Upscale Boudoir Experience: - SOLD OUT

  • Dates:  Friday Nov. 4th & Saturday Nov. 5th
  • Location:  Embassy Suites by Hilton, Downtown Portland
  • Shooting Themes:  Boudoir
  • Price:  $179 or $299

One of the best gifts you can give to that special person in your life is, more of you! They love you, they love to see you and look at you, so why not treat them to intimate images of you at your sexiest . We believe every woman has her own beauty inside and out, and we want to help you create lasting images of you looking your hottest! 

For this special event we have rented a luxury corner suite at the downtown Portland location of Embassy Suites. The furniture available in this room will offer assistance with a variety of poses and looks, from the hardwood office desk, black leather executive chair, red leather tufted ottoman, large windows overlooking the city, and a separate bedroom with a king size bed, the possibilities are plentiful.

We can assist you with your wardrobe selections when you arrive. Our suggestion is to bring several choices of outfits that make you feel and look good, and a couple different options for shoes (usually heels and boots work best). My motto is you can never over pack for a photo shoot, options are essential to us women, and I encourage you to bring choices. We also like to recommend thinking outside the box, perhaps your special someone is an executive and might appreciate a picture of you in one of their button down shirts, or a tie and some high heels. Perhaps they are a hard working laborer and might like to see you in a hard hat and short shorts? The possibilities are endless because boudoir doesn't have to be just fancy corsets or lingerie, it can be anything you want, or nothing at all. In fact we think implied nude shots can be more exciting for your man than actually showing everything.