Lake Powell Houseboat Swimwear - 1 Model Spot Available

  • Dates:  June 21-26 2022
  • Shoot Location:  Lake Powell AZ
  • Shooting Themes:  Swimwear
  • Price:  Models $1,500 (payment plans available)

Join us on what is shaping up to be our most grand adventure yet.  We will set sail (ok not really, we will have engines) on an epic 5 day adventure on a 53’ houseboat on the beautiful deep blue waters of Lake Powell in Arizona.  Each day we will adventure out on our 21’ ski boat and explore the towering canyons and epically grand vistas of red sandstone cliffs that are as old as time itself.  Bask in the morning sun as 1 of the amazing photographers captures you amid the breathtaking vistas.  Later we will cool off in deep and ever narrowing slot canyons as we immerse ourselves in the intimate curves of the surrounding landscape, capturing those seductive swimwear photos, undistracted by the vast views of the open lake. Coming back to our luxury floating hotel by late afternoon where we will continue to capture amazing images against the amazing Arizona sunsets.  Enjoy a wonderful meal and cocktail prepared by your crew, and should you choose, stargaze into the wee hours of the morning as the photographers capture the breathtaking beauty of the night sky.


Do we have your attention now?  Are you all in?  Let us give you details.

This trip is only open to 5 models.  The only downside that we can see is models will be bunking with each other as “berths/rooms” are limited. We are already in talks with multiple swimwear companies who are interested in sponsoring wardrobe, and we will be seeking additional companies and brands to partner with, so packing for this trip will be extremely easy!


You will be responsible for getting yourself to and from Page AZ.  We ask that you arrive on Tuesday the the 21st (the day before our adventure begins as we access to load and sleep on the boat before we push off Wednesday morning).  Once you are on the boat we have got you covered, we have a crew member whose sole purpose is to make sure food and drinks are ready whenever needed.  We will be departing the boat early Sunday morning in time for any flights back home.

Ok ok ok let's talk money.  This epic trip does not come cheaply, in fact it is even more expensive than Hawaii was in 2017, however we do believe by splitting the entire cost of renting both boats, providing fuel and food for 5 days amongst everyone going (photographers included) we can keep it within reason.  Models, we are asking each of you to contribute $1,500.  That is for 5 fun filled days of shooting designer swimwear, staying on a 53’ houseboat in beautiful blue water, surrounded by sandstone cliffs and views you will never forget. This is one of THE prettiest lakes in America and the images you will receive after this once in a lifetime adventure will be truly amazing.


If interested in joining us, please send us a message through the contact us page here or via DM on Instagram.  We are currently compiling a list of everyone who is interested and it's growing quickly.  We will be sending invitations out on June 12th to start filling spots.  Non Refundable Deposits of $300 will be required by June 19th to guarantee you spot.  We will then work with each model to arrange a payment plan, full payment will be due by the end of February 2022.  We are also asking everyone to split the damage deposit for the houseboat.  This will be collected separately (by May 1st) from the rest of the trip to allow easy reimbursement upon the return of undamaged boats (this gives everyone the same responsibility levels to not get too out of control).



What’s the best way to get to Page, AZ?

Page has its own airport with connecting flights from Phoenix as well as Denver so flying in is an option.  The other option is to make a road trip out of it.  There is so much beauty in the area that making this session part of a larger trip just kinda makes sense.  Even if your road trip partner is not along for the houseboat portion there is tons to keep them entertained within a half days drive of Page.

There may even be the option of road tripping with someone else going on the adventure.  We will make sure anyone coming from the same general area is in touch in case that's an option.

What’s your best guess for dates?

We are shooting for a rental period of Monday June 20th thru Friday June 24th.  If those dates are the ones we end up with we will want you in Page by Sunday the 19th, early boarding for the houseboat will be about 5pm that evening.  We then strongly suggest you grab a hotel in Page on the 24th and either fly out on the 25th or continue on with your trip.

You say there is so much around that area, can you help me plan an extended trip?

We would be more than happy to help plan extra days either coming or going from Page.  We just did 2 weeks last summer road tripping from the PNW with Page as our midpoint.  We are currently planning to add an additional week and make our way home slowly hitting a few sights we missed last time.

Is there a shower on the boat?

Yes there is, all the houseboats draw lake water for the showers as this minimizes how much potable water they have to carry.  The downside is all the water used in the shower still goes to a gray water holding tank.  So with that being said we will ask everyone to do their best to just hop into the lake for their “showers”.  With the amount of time we will all be in the water we are sure there will not be any issues and if the lake is just too cold the houseboat shower is still available.

Is there cell reception on the lake?

No, well maybe, but mostly no.  In the wide open areas of the lake you might get limited signal.  Back in the coves and canyons (where you beach the houseboat and spend most of the time) there is no reception. 

Do I have to have worked with you before, what if I am from a different area?

Generally we like to have worked with someone before we sign them up on a big trip like this, however that is not always possible.  So I guess the answer is No, we do not need to have worked together, which opens this trip up to models from anywhere not just the PNW.

Are there any additional perks that come with this trip?

Our unwritten perk for any adventure shoot is you move right to the top for any and all shoots we do between now and then (and after honestly).  We prioritize those that financially invest in our mutual growth.  That being said, there will be lots of “test shooting” on the Columbia River this summer if you are local in our area. Summer sunrises and sunsets are a million times better on a boat shooting on a sandbar in the middle of the river.

What type of food will there be, I have dietary restrictions.

Inform us of your restriction when you let us know you're interested.  We have no problem planning around everyone's needs.  That being said it will be hot out so we plan to keep things light and fresh.  We will provide a full menu well before the trip so any special request or changes can be made.

What's in this for me?

1st off an amazing adventure.  But you already knew that.  The Bikinis & Lace team will be providing still images as well as a video of the entire trip.  Our goal is to provide 5-10 banging images from each outfit, we will have a computer on board so you can review each day.  I am sure Drew will be aiming for the same.  On top of a full trip video we will also be making lots of teaser clips for each model to use. 

How intense will the schedule be?

Fairly laid back, that's the nice thing of having so many days.  We will be shooting during golden hour (1-2 hours before and after sunrise/sunset) for the best light.  Then sporadic throughout the day.  Mid day will be mostly video work.  You can only shoot so much swimwear at a time before everyones ready for a break to get the creative juices flowing again.